No More Secrets is a non profit organization seeking to deal with the topic of domestic violence in the church as well as help those to heal who have been affected by it to heal. We want to give a voice to those who feel like they have to cover up their secrets.


Our endeavor is to supply the following needs to the survivors and community:


  • Monthly Group Counseling Sessions 

  • Individual Counseling

  • Financial Counseling

  • Medical Counseling

  • Legal Assistance 


We strive to help support church leadership by teaching the proper ways to address domestic abuse. Also, have forums in various houses of worship to inform the church world of the abuse that fellow parishioners may have gone through or are going through.



Words from Our 


After going through an abusive relationship turned marriage, I thought I was alone. I had already gone through domestic violence third party due to a family member but never did I think that I would be in that type of situation first hand. I was told by leadership in the church to separate and get counseling, then come back together. I was also told to not stay with or speak about this with my family. This allowed me to continue to suffer in silence. Maybe a year or so after I finally left my ex-husband I was praying and I asked the Lord what am I supposed to do with my life. He showed me serving people. In another prayer time I clearly heard the name “No More Secrets.” I had no idea what it meant until I spoke to someone about it. I knew for a fact that I was not the only person to suffer in silence with this in the church world so I had to do something about it. After sharing my experience with some people I decided to launch out and start an organization helping others who have gone through or are currently going through domestic violence while attending church.  I know there are all types of domestic violence organizations but very few that target the church audience, so thus the birth of No More Secrets. It’s time to uncover the taboo topic of domestic violence in houses of worship so no one else will have to suffer in silence.

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